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About P.S. Expert Renovations

P.S. Expert Renovations has been in the industry, as a company who provides general contractors that work in all fields. We are experts in all trades; this shows through the art in which we have perfectly mastered over the years. From the demolition of houses to the building of your new home; we are the experts. P.S. Expert Renovations provides residential and commercial Renovation Services all over the Greater Toronto Area.

We take honor in our Cleanliness. To begin with, we protect and cover all areas at the jobsite; or your home for that matter; that aren’t part of the renovation. Therefore, that separates work spaces from living areas. Also, we vacuum and clean up on a daily basis; you’ll even forget there’s work under way!


Firstly, we respect your home as if it were our own. Also, we accommodate to schedules placed and special requests made. You can count on being up to date on a day by day work load. Furthermore, we will make sure you feel and are fully involved in the design and building process.

We understand that letting “strangers” into your home is a scary thing. Especially leaving them for the most part alone, for long periods of time. Could you trust them? Are they going to work safely and follow code? Will they do a good work? We guarantee you that we are that honest, trustworthy and professional company, to complete your renovation project at your satisfaction.

That’s the reason why at P.S Expert Renovations, we strive to build a solid relationship with our clients.

Safety and warranty

We have $5 million full liability insurance. Also, we have workplace insurance coverage; registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). To begin with, we can afford to do so, because we take all the right steps. Firstly, by getting all the necessary permits and requirements; also, by taking all necessary safety precautions; lastly, by scheduling safety inspections as required; for that reason, there is nothing to hide. We are a transparent contractor you can fully trust.

We have confidence in ourselves and stand behind ourselves and our licensed tradesmen. As a result, once our professionals complete the work, we offer you a one-year warranty. Furthermore, we guarantee your satisfaction and happiness.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us to get your FREE quote today. You dream it we build it.