Flooring Installation Service


Flooring Installation Service in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Are you considering a flooring upgrade that is both affordable and sophisticated? From start to finish our professional team will provide you a fabulous flooring installation service. Be certain that your luxurious new flooring project is in great hands with our company.

Floors are like shoes, not only in the sense that your feet are always in contact with them. But, because there are vast different types of styles and materials to fit your taste and bring the outfit; or in this case the rooms together.

As part of our flooring installation service, our experienced contractors can guide you through all the different design and styles available. Also, through the different materials to choose from, depending on the areas where the work will take effect; such as ceramic, porcelain, floating wood, hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, marble, stone, and many more.

Durability of Our Flooring Installation

To maintain comfort or durability of the shoe you can purchase insoles, same goes with your floors; we ensure the durability of your new floor. We’ll assist you in choosing the right underlayment to go along with any floor type that our team will place; and for whatever surface area they will place it on.

From plastic, foam, corks, paper or vapor guard for laminate or hardwood; to scratch coat, sand mix, Dittra Kerdi board or cement board for tiling, marble or stone. We also do carpet and vinyl floor preparation and underlayment when required. We also do surface preparation like concrete floor patching, floor board reinforcing, self-leveling, waterproofing and sound proofing. Bring it all together with transition end pieces; adding a nice finish to transition between different floor types or simply to have a separation between rooms. We will show you all different types and materials to choose from to add the cherry on the icing!

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