Frame, Drywall, Structure, Plaster

Frame, Drywall, Structure, Plaster Experts

P.S. Expert Renovations contractors have experience working with frame, drywall, structure, plaster.

Before designing your dream home’s look, one must first make sure the structure and bare build is strong and in great shape. We look for mold, asbestos, rotting materials and foundation strength. These are just a few key inspections to make prior or during the renovation.

P.S. Expert Renovations are experts at locating and solving any problems such as the ones we mention above. We do all this to provide you with a beautiful and modern home. But, with a safe and healthy living space for you and your family!

Our team of framers, drywallers and tapers provide you with a superior quality of work than our competitors. With excellent workmanship and professionalism. Ready to tackle any high end job to make your dream home a reality.

P.S. Expert Renovations helps you through your journey of Remodeling or Renovating your home. We achieve this by guiding you through the vast different raw materials, fixtures, styles while maintaining your vision. We do it all, while maintaining the upmost level of cleanliness and professionalism from protecting living areas in the jobsite. Also, by controlling dust and debris in the work area. That way, we follow and respect your day by day work hours request. And we give you a real deadline to fit your wanted deadline, so everyone can go home happy!

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